Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Discerner, Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Discerners are not only highly aware of the struggles of others, they are all too often hyper-aware of their own struggles. Because of this, they judge themselves waaaay too harshly.

The introspective behavior of discerners cause them to feel as if they are the odd man out. They often wonder why they see things different from most people. They feel like misfits, outcasts, weirdos even. But if you are a discerner rest assured that you are ultra-precious to God. You are the voice for those who have yet to find their own voices as they navigate through the culture of Christianity. You in someways are the mouthpiece for the voiceless.

In thinking about this, you have to know that as a discerner, you are designed a little differently from everyone else. You really don't want to talk to everyone about everything, because some of your discernment is so precious, heavy, complex, pure, and personal that it can't be shared. Your ability to assess these types of things help you to keep your mouth closed when you need to. That's a wonderful attribute to have.

Your internal struggles with your own shortcomings are not a curse from God where he's trying to show you how bad you are. Oh, no my friend. You have a divinely ordained giftedness that causes you to be sensible and analytical about your own issues and the issues of others. Your discernment has been key in helping you to understand others. Now, let God use this gift of yours to help you understand yourself.

The Downfall of Discernment-What you Give Out

Am I really that critical?

It is the perversion of a discerning spirited person that he may be critical. Because the discerner's ears and eyes are always tuned into what God wants to show them, they often believe they have a monopoly on criticizing and judging others. If you are a discerner reading this, you don't.

Just because you perceive something doesn't mean you are the judge and jury of that thing. To the contrary, it may be harder for you to hold back your assessment than any other gifted person on the planet. Because you have the inside tract on insight, you may feel like you can begin each sentence with "You Need To..." Guess what, you can't do that either.

Discernment or perception can and should be used in order to intercede, minister to, or encourage others. Not to dig into their flaws and shortcomings as a means to get them to surrender to God's will. Really, discerner, that's not your job. I know sometimes you just want to let 'em know, just tell it like it is, but remember if you do this, you may spend so much time pointing out flaws that you forget to point out what's really great about what God is doing in a person's life.

Please discerner, don't fall into the trap of kicking a brotha or sista while he's down. Know that folks come into their enlightenment not in your time, but in God's time. Step back and let him do his thing as you continue to pray for those who are struggling.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something Told Me...

Are you a discerner?

Do you have a sense of foreboding when something is about to happen? Can you look at a person and get a vibe for a heaviness in their spirit. Do you automatically know when you should be praying for someone? Well, you may have a discerning spirit.

Discernment is a spiritual gift. Some call it the gift of perception. People with this gift are especially sensitive to the spiritual needs of those around them and thus have the ear of God when praying for those needs. They can sense good and evil almost immediately and are adamant about moving forward in order to flush the evil out. Because of the perceivers "feel" for something, they may always want to move quickly to address issues, sometimes without consulting God about how to proceed.

Though people with the gift of discernment can read between the lines, they often see problems in black or white, right or wrong, there is definitely no middle ground. Because of this, discerners may be just a little bit judgmental (just a little bit). With this said, the perceiver may also try to take things into his own hands rather than step back and allow God to work through and in a situation.

Though the perceiver knows a lot of people; they don't necessarily have a lot of close friends (if any). Because of their straight forwardness and frankness, folks may not gravitate toward a perceiver naturally. They are often cut and dried, straight no chaser conversationalist, this doesn't help perceivers to make friends easily.

All and all, perceivers are good people to be around. They are usually highly observant and introverted because they are thinking and receiving the vibes of other believers. Lots of times, they are in prayer for others when they sense a time of trouble in their lives.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spiritual Gift Test

Hi blog-readers,
I found a really comprehensive spiritual gifts test right here on the internet. Take it and see what you come up with.

Spiritual Gifts Test


Friday, January 16, 2009

Ephesians 4:11,12

And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: